Monthly Archives: January 2018

Local manufacturers dominate the toy market

The local toy market is experiencing a steady decline in its dependence on imported toys. According to the Bangladesh Toy Manufacturers and Importers Association (BTMMIA), local toy makers have taken 60% of the market. Prior to 2010, this market depended entirely on Chinese exporters who exported toys made from cheap …

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Celebrating Taunton’s Oldest Independent Toy Store: Watkin Toys

Mike replied Sloco-MBE and said it was the closest he would ever get to getting an MBE. Who said working in Taunton’s most famous toy store for 60 years didn’t give you a sense of humor? This would not only give you a sense of humor, but also a sense …

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“Wasted”: greening the plastic-intensive toy industry

Plastic occupies an important place in the toy industry. Ninety percent of toys are made from some form of plastic and most of them are not recyclable. One of the hottest toys of the Christmas season was something called the LOL Surprise Ball, a plastic ball that contains plastic toys, …

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