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Toys ‘R’ Us gives an interesting reason why the toy industry isn’t booming

ABesides the growing popularity of the technology in recent years, struggling retailer Toys ‘R’ Us has given another interesting reason why people aren’t buying toys as much as they used to. The toy retailer reckons there aren’t many children compared to the ‘Baby Boom’ era. As you may already know, …

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Who will fill the void in the $ 11 billion toy market after Toys ‘R’ Us leaves?

The question left up for debate is how much is the company’s brand worth. Andrew Burton / Getty Images The 70-year-old Toys “R” Us story will end with a frenzy of liquidation at its 735 stores across the United States. from this week– approaching an era of American retailing. Toys …

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The Toys R Us liquidation won’t be a breeze for the toy industry

When we were kids, we would drag our parents to the local mall toy store, get our hands on the latest action figure, game, or other must-have toy, and pester them until they bought it for us. – just like the toy makers wanted. We’re sorry, this video has expired. …

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