Aldi is launching its online toy store for Christmas with a huge change

Aldi has launched its online toy store which offers 185 items for parents to choose from.

As well as wooden supermarket toys – including a wooden Aldi supermarket playset – there are toys from popular brands like Lego, Harry Potter, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Play Doh, among others.

The items are priced from just £1.79 and the online toy shop is open daily to help parents prepare for the festive season.

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At the top of the price scale, Aldi is selling a high-end Little Town wooden kitchen for £79.99.

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, hob and extractor fan – which have lights and emit sounds – as well as an integrated dishwasher, oven, dishwasher. fridge with ice maker, microwave oven, rotary taps, click dials, apron, oven mitt and dish towel.

There’s also a Little Town ride-on tractor for £59.99 and a Barbie dream plane for £54.99, which comes with 15 accessories.

Among the Harry Potter toys are a Hedwig the Owl plush for £26.99, light paint wands for £13.99 each and deluxe book and model sets for £7.99 each.

There are also Lego Minions sets, priced at £16.99 each.

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The wooden Aldi supermarket comes with a card reader and card, play money, a paper shopping bag and a working conveyor belt.

It’s priced at £39.99.

Aldi says it is making a big change this year by ditching all plastic used to package its wooden toys this year – meaning it will save 10 million pieces of plastic.

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