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Alisa Toys Inc., a new US subsidiary of a major Eastern European toy company, is entering the US toy market. | Source: Alisa Toys / the book of toys

There’s a new business in town! Alisa Toys Inc. is a newly established American subsidiary of a large Eastern European toy company. With approximately a quarter of a century of experience and currently selling her products in over 20 countries, Alisa is heading to the United States. The toy book spoke with Jane French, CEO of Alisa Toys, about the company’s expansion into the US market, new product lines and all that this company has to offer.

The Toy Book: Tell us a bit about Alisa Toys’ journey.

Jeanne French: Alisa Toys Inc. is an American subsidiary of one of the largest toy and children’s goods companies in Russia and Eastern Europe. Founded in 1997, Alisa has been making children happy for nearly 25 years. With more than 10,000 active references in our domestic market and an international team of more than 500 people, we have proven ourselves in the toy industry. From designing and developing many of our own successful brands to international distribution and licensing partnerships, we’ve done it all. In 2021, we opened a sales office in the United States and are introducing some of our best-selling product lines for the first time in North America.

TB: One of the company’s main activities in the American market is the LUKKY cosmetics brand.

JF: Yes, our beauty brand LUKKY is our pride and joy. We first introduced the line in 2017. Since then it has grown exponentially and is now actively sold in over 20 countries. The success and potential of this brand is undeniable, and we are excited to share it with US retailers.

Alisa Toys’ LUKKY cosmetics line is all about using cosmetics to let girls show off their unique style. | Source: Alisa Toys

TB: Can you tell us more about the brand, and what types of products are offered in the range?

JF: LUKKY is all about using cosmetics to let girls show off their unique style. It is for children who are interested in fashion and beauty. We pride ourselves on having the best possible quality, which means it’s safe even for young children.

At the heart of the brand is our range of peel-off nail polishes. Our nail polish is safe, non-toxic and water-based. It can be removed with a single gesture and without the need to use nail polish remover. Other products include fun, beautiful, and high-quality eye, lip, and hair cosmetics. They are perfect for parties, sleepovers and everyday use.

TB: How would you say LUKKY is different from other brands on the market?

JF: A few key features set us apart. Unlike other products on the market, we have impeccable quality standards, which is the only way to produce these items, knowing that they are for children. Although the United States surprisingly does not have mandatory testing for this type of cosmetics, LUKKY has passed rigorous testing in the EU, proving it is safe for children and adults.

We also wanted to make sure that all of our products can be removed without special chemical strippers. Additionally, our brand has a very broad appeal, from young children to young adults, and of course, everything in between – with tweens and teens being the target audience. We have attractive prices and a very wide range of products. Our overall brand image is glamorous, high quality, fun and trendy – very different from the all-pink “princess-looking” cosmetics currently available. The combination of these factors makes us truly unique from other cosmetic lines available.

With Alisa Toys’ Blockformers line, kids can build each vehicle individually, which transforms into robots and back again. Once they have collected all the vehicles, they can connect them together to build a mega robot. | Source: Alisa Toys

TB: The company also focuses on educational construction games. Can you give us an overview of what Alisa Toys offers in this space?

JF: We have some really cool brands in this category: Transbot and Blockformers.

Transbot aims to help children learn the letters of the alphabet and numbers while playing and having fun. Each letter and number is its own transforming toy, and you can connect them together to build a big robot!

Our slogan for the Blockformers brand is “Building blocks like you’ve never seen them before”, and it’s true – these building sets give kids hours and hours of fun! First, you build each vehicle individually, and each vehicle transforms into a robot and vice versa. Once you have collected all the vehicles, you can connect them together without disassembling them and build a super impressive mega robot! All of our toys help with fine motor skills, imagination and creativity, making them the perfect educational sets. As a bonus, these items are collectible, which is great for sales.

TB: Novelty toys are still a best-selling impulse buy and a booming toy category. What do you offer in the novelty space?

JF: We are an exclusive North American distributor for Monster Flex, an incredibly popular toy brand developed by our Italian partners. This brand consists of 28 super stretchy monster characters. They are durable and super fun to play with. We’ve had huge success with this brand – it’s flying off the shelves everywhere!

The Monster Flex brand includes 28 super stretchy monster figures that are durable! | Source: Alisa Toys

TB: Did last year’s shipping crisis saga affect your sales? If so, how?

JF: It was a difficult time for everyone. Despite many shipping challenges and very high logistics costs, I am happy to say that we were able to fully stock all of our inventory. All of our 2022 items are currently available and ready to ship immediately from our Pennsylvania facility.

TB: What benefits does your company provide to buyers who choose to purchase your products?

JF: We are a well-established company with years of proven success internationally. Partnering with us will offer retailers the opportunity to be one of the first to sell product lines that have enormous potential. To help our partners, we’ve made sure to have very aggressive pricing, no minimum order and restocking requirements, and super fast order processing times of just 1-2 business days. One of our biggest goals for 2022 is to build successful, long-term partnerships with all of our customers that will help us grow together. We are growing and will continue to bring more top-selling products to the US market.

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