Businessmen from Stockton and Middlesbrough open new toy store

TWO entrepreneurial brothers traded selling beds and mattresses and hugged their inner child and opened a new toy store.

Enterprising brothers Paul and Michael Johnson have bounced back from Covid with a new toy store to delight Teesside children and the young at heart.

They spent six months working on a plan after they had to close their PM Beds and Furniture store in Stockton.

This business started in 2019, but was shut down most of the time due to the pandemic, and when it reopened after the third lockdown, the brothers found their suppliers had gone bankrupt or had raised their prices.

Paul Johnson, 40, said: “We wish it had continued, but we literally went weeks without seeing any clients.

“We tried to do the best we could, but we knew it wasn’t going to work.

“So we thought we would try something new and something that has always been of great interest to us. ”

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PM Toys and Collectables, which is now open at Dundas Indoor Market in central Middlesbrough, is a mix of new and vintage.

She sells all the classic toys and games that generations of children have loved, and for adults she offers collectible toys and figurines that have sentimental, ornamental or financial value.

The Echo of the North:

Business is in the blood of the brothers. Their late father ran a series of stores across Teesside, including the used furniture and home appliance warehouse in Stockton.

The entire indoor market could easily fit into the family’s old outlets, but Paul and Michael applied the same tried and trusted retail principles to their new business.

Michael Johnson added, “It’s about knowing your margins, identifying your customer base and choosing the right location.

“Kids will always be playing with something tangible rather than sitting in front of a screen all the time, and at the same time, parents will be buying the toys they loved when they were young for their children.”

Paul Johnson added, “There aren’t a lot of places you can go now and look at toys. We tried to have a bit of everything for everyone.

“We think the classics are the best. They don’t make toys like they used to.

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