Captain Little: The Most Valuable Toy Store This Side of the Mississippi

Downtown Olympia is full of charming shops, boutiques, and restaurants, but none quite compare to the whimsy of Captain Little. Dare I say, Captain Little is the most valuable toy store this side of the Mississippi. Truly, a gem of our state’s capital.

In 2014, the fictional Captain Little, a gentle and courageous mouse, embarks with his crew on a new adventure. Olympia’s longtime toy store, Wind Up Here, was closing and a void was left. Every town needs an independent toy store and Captain Little was coming to save the day!

And so, on the corner of 5th and Washington, a bright and shiny new toy store was born. Thanks to a team of hardworking members and endless community support, Captain Little has embraced both the old and new generation of toy lovers.

So, yo-ho-ho, this holiday season (and year-round for all your toy needs), be sure to browse Olympia’s Captain Little. The shop curates the best toys and showcases them in durable displays. You can really spend hours noticing all the neatly researched details, accessories and games, books and playthings. Shopping Captain Little will not only awaken the child in you, but will excite you for the future. Toys these days aren’t all full of glitz and glamor, beeps and unique playstyles – there are some amazing options that are secretly educational, open-ended and heirloom quality. And you can find them all at Captain Little.

Lest your browsing leave you overwhelmed – really, it’s so hard to decide when you’re surrounded by incredibly perfect toys, here are some recommendations:

  • TEGU BUILDING BLOCKS: The Tegu brand is the proud brains of simple, beautiful blocks with magnets inside that allow for endless, open-ended creations.
  • Maileg mouse: I can’t wait to introduce you to these adorable little creatures, it’s a collection that awaits!
  • Eeboo Create a Story Cards: Our family owns this set and I love sitting with my preschooler and watching his imagination come to life. Each set has an image and a phrase, then you arrange the cards to create a story. The minds of children are truly the most amazing thing! It’s a perfect thing to stash in your bag for restaurant fun while you wait.
  • STEAM Activities: Captain Little has too many STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) options to list! But if you’re looking to hire future designers, head over to Captain Little for some gift inspiration.
  • Pyramid Arcade: it’s on our wishlist! It is a box that contains TWENTY TWO board games inside. Talk about compact and minimalist lenses that won’t deprive you of pleasure.

As well as a range of perfect gifts, Captain Little also offers the best seasonal events. Normally they’re pretty robust with high footfall and hands-on fun, but this year they’ve changed the vacation offerings for current times. Check out this announcement from the Captain Little team:

It’s that time of year again! Drop off your Letter to Santa Claus at the store now. You can request special holiday gifts, ask about reindeer, and see how 2020 has been for Santa and Mrs. Claus. Just make sure an adult writes down the name and return address, and you might get a special surprise in return!

In preparation for a safe but still wonderful vacation, the team at Captain Little is ready to help you find the perfect gift with in-store shopping as well as curbside pickup. They are open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. then the week of December 20 the evening hours extend until 8 p.m. Finally, on Christmas Eve you can hunt for last-minute treasures from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Captain Little will be closed on Christmas Day.

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