Christmas: Beccles Toy Shop warns it has stock issues

13:28 October 21, 2021

An owner of an independent toy store in Suffolk said “he was having a hard time with the stock” before Christmas.

Dan Lovett, boss of Toy Box at Beccles, said, “Business has been good this year, but we are struggling with inventory.

“Suppliers can’t guarantee much until Christmas. They say they might have deliveries around the second week of December, but we don’t guarantee anything.

“Most parents have already finished all of their Christmas shopping around this time of year anyway.”

Dan Lovett, boss of The Toy Box, said classic toys are doing better this year, with puzzles, board games, lego and pokemon cards being especially popular.
– Credit: La Toy Box

Mr Lovett also explained how the pandemic influenced the toys sold.

He said, “Nothing is going to be ‘hot’ like some toys usually are because we can’t be sure what we can get.

“There were hardly any trade shows this year – I haven’t been to any – so we didn’t get to see what’s new either.”

He said the old favorites were what were selling now: “Lego and board games are still very popular at Christmas, while puzzles are popular with the older generation. Pokémon cards are also selling very well. : it’s their 25th anniversary. “

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