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FAIRMONT – The Marion County Christmas toy store is stocked and ready for Saturday.

Now, the Marion County constituency is quiet, filled with mountains of toy bags ready for distribution. Saturday afternoon, the center will be animated by a line of cars full of families.

The toy store will operate in the same drive-thru format it adopted last year. Cars will pass through Palatine Park and line up to receive their gifts, all registered parents need to bring is an empty trunk.

Organizers have yet to fully determine the flow of traffic in the park, but families arriving on Saturday are encouraged to drive to Palatine Park and members of the police reserve will direct the cars.

The boutique will be open from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 27. At 5:30 p.m., families who have not registered are invited to ask the volunteers if there are any bags of toys left for their children.

“The most impressive thing about this year is that last year we were able to experiment and find out what the best way to distribute toys was,” said DD Meighen, founder and volunteer of the toy store. “This year we have accelerated the process. In fact, our volunteers didn’t come here often due to the speed with which we packed our bags.

Another impressive aspect of this year’s event is that the toy store has once again exceeded its fundraising target. Organizers were hoping for $ 20,000 but managed to raise $ 23,900.

This was made possible through the work of local schools and the participation of the Marion County School Board, which contributed $ 11,900 in total.

“This is the most money we have ever raised. Seeing how much money was raised by schools and kids … really got me excited, ”said Butch Tennant, director of the toy store. “It’s amazing. The citizens of Marion County have donated and it’s just awesome. We just hope we’ve had enough [toys] for Saturday.

One of the volunteers who helped organize the finances and make sure there are enough toys for everyone is David Sturm, the acting treasurer of the toy store.

On Tuesday, he walked among the piles of bags full of toys and waited for shoppers to come out into the community filling their trunks with gifts to bring back to the center for sorting. On Tuesday, he said there were around 300 bags of completed toys.

“It’s a rough estimate and could be a day or two away and there is still a long way to go,” Sturm said. “There are still a lot of toys coming in and we still have a lot of money to spend, so we’ll be busy until Saturday.”

One of the buyers, Sharron Burrows, returned from a gift hunt and said her team spent over $ 1,200 on toys for the trip. Earlier in the week, they spent over $ 6,000 on one trip.

“We would like to make sure every child has some decent toys for Christmas, I’m glad we can,” Sturm said. “After you’ve worked here for a few years, a lot of people get hooked. “

Although the goal has been reached and the toys are ready for delivery, the toy store is still accepting donations to start next year’s goal early. Donations can be given to any school, to the central school board office or to one of the organizers. For more information, call Butch Tennant at 304-203-8385.

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