Get lucky during COVID – Sales in the sex toy industry are skyrocketing

From tourism to the restaurant industry, COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on all levels. But, one industry seems to be coming out on top… peaking, if you will.

The sex toy industry has apparently seen a surge in sales despite a devastating harsh lockdown. Talk to IOL, Allure Sensuality Emporium owner Sari Cohen said curious couples flooded her emails as they searched for new ways to keep the spark alive while cooped up together at home.

While non-essential stores such as Cohen were unable to deliver during the strict Level 5 restrictions, things took an interesting turn once those restrictions were lifted, as couples and singles clamored to buy their sex toy. choice.

As couples sought pleasure together at home, those without a significant other contemplated the dangers of a pandemic, choosing to avoid meddling with a casual sexual partner and instead turning to pleasure. staff.

“I think in general we’ve seen a positive approach and more curiosity towards sex toys and an understanding of sexual pleasure and needs,” Cohen said.

Curfew and more time at home apparently equates to more experimental sex, says Passion Fruit’s George Masche.

“I guess we are one of the lucky few industries to have seen an increase in their business during the pandemic, but on the other hand, we also have new challenges to face, such as large backlogs of international shipments or unpredictable currency fluctuations,” he said. .

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