Hamley’s toy store designers use TY Beanie Babies to create stunning window displays at Burton

Stunning window displays at a Burton toy store featuring dozens of popular TY Beanie Babies plushies are stopping shoppers in their tracks because they’re so good. The incredible Midco Toymaster displays in The Octagon shopping center were created by toy window designers from the famous London toy store Hamley’s.

They were designed and installed by the people who make the famous Hamley window treatments after Ty Warner himself, the billionaire American toymaker who owns Beanie Babies, saw what Midco staff were doing and was so impressed that he decided to arrange for the displays to be built at the Burton store. Midco’s two storefronts are filled with Beanie Babies that kids and adults love all over the world.

Midco Toys boss David Middleton had told Mr Warner about some of the activity they had done in the store on LinkedIn, including the window displays that Midco staff had created using TY Beanie toys, which include all kinds of soft plush. animals, and the billionaire was so impressed that he arranged for the window dressers to accompany him to create two stunning displays at the Burton store.

In one display case, the popular stuffed animals are on a pirate ship on the high seas and there are even TY Beanie penguins on the ship’s sails and Beanie fish in the water below. A variety of different animals are on the ship, all looking out to sea.

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The second showcase features Beanie toys, sold worldwide, posed around a tree, surrounded by pretty flowers. They are both certainly eye-catching and buyers love them.

One said: “I jumped with the kids and they were mesmerized. And so was I to be honest. It’s just beautiful.”

Mr Middleton said: “Check out our absolutely amazing TY window display in our Burton-on-Trent store. Designed by the same guys who create Hamley’s window displays.

A TY teddy tree

“I can’t thank the guys at TY UK Limited enough. TY has always been very supportive of independent stores, but this is breathtaking and on another level.

“My passion for toys and the toy industry is second to none and anyone who knows me knows that I live and breathe toys and the toy industry. But this window came to fruition because my effort and passion were spotted by Ty Warner himself who made it all possible.

“And I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. To support a small independent at this level is above and beyond. To be recognized and supported by one of the biggest names in the industry and a true legend and entrepreneur .

“I would love to sit down and chat about the history of TY and the beanie craze of the 90s, which we all remember and love. Thank you to everyone at Ty UK for making that’s possible too. You guys were awesome.

“Great support for ever independents and a basic backbone for any toy store.”

To celebrate the impressive window, Midco is holding a contest where people are invited to have their picture taken with the window. They then have to tag Midco on social media and they could win a £20 gift voucher. Store terms and conditions apply.

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