Independent toy store to close after 30 years on city’s main street

A renowned independent toy store is about to close its doors after more than 30 years of activity.

Toytown in Woodbridge is closing after 30 years Photo: CHARLOTTE BOND
– Credit: Charlotte Bond

Toytown on Church Street in Woodbridge will close at the end of the month after three decades.

“It’s been in the same location for about 34 years,” said Simon Adams, who owns the store alongside his sister Kym Blowers.

The store was previously run by Peter Sheldrake for 28 years, before the siblings bought it about five and a half years ago.

Now, however, they are planning to go out of business for the last time.

The boutique will close at the end of the month Photo: CHARLOTTE BOND

The boutique will close at the end of the month Photo: CHARLOTTE BOND
– Credit: Charlotte Bond

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“There really are a number of reasons,” Mr. Adams said.

“The internet is not doing us a favor and corporate prices are not helping us.

“My health hasn’t been the best either.”

The reaction to the store closure has been universally sad.

Simon Adams said Sylvanian Families remains one of the best-selling stores Photo: CHARLOT

Simon Adams said Sylvanian Families remains one of the best selling stores Photo: CHARLOTTE BOND
– Credit: Charlotte Bond

“We are having a closing sale,” said Adams.

“It’s surprising the people who have come and haven’t seen in years.

“People are very sad.”

Mr. Adams recently celebrated 40 years in the toy industry.

He started in 1989 and ran the toy store in Heath Road, Ipswich for around 26 years before moving to Woodbridge.

While selling toys, Mr. Adams believes one has stood the test of time better than the others.

“I really love the Sylvanian families. They have been going there for years,” said Adams.

“When I first came into the business, they were the toy of the year.

“We absolutely sell loads of them.”

Mr. Adams said other traditional board games, like Monopoly, have also remained popular over the decades.

Despite perennial favorites, Mr Adams said he has seen a lot of changes in the types of toys kids want to play with.

“The kids are on their shelves now,” Adams said.

“It used to be that toys were bought by 12 or 13 year olds, but now, at the age of ten, they don’t have any toys.”

Mr Adams also said that children nowadays use less outdoor games.

“Kids don’t want to play outside, they want to sit,” Adams said.

Toytown will close for the last time on February 29.

John Risby, Director of Choose Woodbridge, said: “Toytown has served from generation to generation for over 30 years and has been a valued member of our community in Woodbridge.

“It is always extremely sad to lose a strong business with a long history and a long affiliation with our city and we are sad to hear that the owners felt that the increase in online shopping, among other reasons, was having an impact. about their business.

“Our role at Choose Woodbridge is to support independent stores the best we can, help them cope with changes in the retail industry and continue to thrive despite increasing competition from chains, big brands and Internet hypermarkets.

“Woodbridge is very fortunate to have so many unique independent stores and this is what maintains footfall and has helped us retain a loyal customer base. However, we need everyone to continue to support their local businesses or risk losing them altogether. “

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