LadBaby closes Hamleys toy store for son’s third birthday

LadBaby gave his son the ultimate surprise for his third birthday: he closed the Hamleys toy store.

Last year, Mark Ian Hoyle, also known as LadBaby, built Legoland in the back garden for his son Kobe’s birthday after a planned trip to the theme park was canceled due to restrictions. to coronaviruses.

But this year he has gone one step further.

Mark, along with his wife Roxanne, aka LadBaby Mum, and their two sons Phoenix and Kobe, had the opportunity to shut down the Hamleys toy store in London, giving the children management of the entire site.

“It’s not every day that you get the chance to have the most famous toy store in the world,” Mark said.

“I don’t know who was more excited, the kids or us,” The Sun reports.

It was not just the children who were delighted with the surprise, while Roxanne was able to live her childhood dreams.

He added, “I had to stop Rox from playing with absolutely everything and remind him that the day was all about the kids.”

The British lifestyle blogger and YouTuber from Nottingham, England shared the heartwarming moment he revealed his secret plans on his social media, where he can be heard saying, “Are you all excited for the surprise of a lifetime? ” to which they all shout, “yeah” in response.

Roxanne didn’t believe it

“I arranged the best thing in the whole world for his birthday,” he continued, as they unknowingly walked towards the store.

When he finally appeared, Roxanne’s jaw dropped as she exclaimed, “Oh my god, are we going to Hamleys? Tell me we’re going to Hamleys.”

“Yes, we are going to Hamleys,” he reveals before adding, “I have another surprise for you… I closed it.”

Baby boy
They were treated to games and all kinds of entertainment

Baffled, Roxanne asks: “What did you stop?” Before Mark said they were running the entire store with no one else on site.

“Shut up,” Roxanne said, “like we’re the Kardashians? “

For the next hour, the family received the undivided attention of the staff there, dealing with magic tricks, games, and all kinds of unique occasions.

Baby boy
The family looked like they had a good afternoon

But for his 34th birthday this year, Mark took a much more laid back approach by enjoying a pint at his local pub, the Bierkeller – although he celebrated in true LadBaby style as he dressed like a pint. of beer.

“It doesn’t get any better than this – my birthday the day they decide to let us out for a beer,” he told Nottinghamshire Live.

“We always love coming here and saw a photo on Facebook of this great outdoor space so it felt like a good place to come.”

Adding that he only goes out for “the best occasions”.

He ended the special day with a haircut, a hamburger-shaped cake and a family dinner.

Mark rose to fame in 2016 after starting his LadBaby blog while Roxanne was pregnant with their first child, in which he documented the daily lives of his wife and himself as they became parents.

Today, they have amassed a global audience of 11 million people.

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