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WeVeel partners with influencers Boss Baby Brody and Along Came Abby for a toy collection that inspires, educates and gives back

NEW YORK, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WeVeel™, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of innovative and creative party products, stationery, crafts and toys, announces The influencer initiative, a product design collective with today’s top social media influencers creating innovative toys and giving back to communities. The first collaborators of the Influencer Initiative collection are creators Chief Baby Brody and Along came Abbyeach with more 630K and 370K Instagram followers, respectively, and each more than 3 million ICT Tac followers.

“We are focused on creating cool new formats that rely on gross and fine motor development, self-care, confidence building, empowerment, gender non-conformity and screen-free play. “, declares Valerie MarderosianCEO of WeVeel.

Brody Schaffer aka 7-year-old Boss Baby Brody is a viral sensation with music and dance embedded in his soul. Known as “Baby Pit“, when Brody hears music, the world stops and his begins. He was featured on Hallmark Channel, Kelly Clarkson show, NFL halftime shows and has made appearances with Reese Witherspoon, Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson.

“Brody has the most incredible spirit and energy. We love that he always dances his heart out and is himself,” Marderosian said. “Between her challenging of gender norms and her spirit of positivity, we know her ideals are perfect for an inclusive and colorful product line.”

Abby Terry, 6 years old, was born extraordinary. She spoke early and often. As the youngest of six children, Abby has become a cherished storyteller and a source of joy and delight around the world. His videos have been shared around the world and featured on jimmy fallonGMA, E News!, bar stool, and more.

“Abby tells the most incredible stories. Between her adorable acting skills and her storytelling, the world has fallen in love with her, and so have we,” Marderosian says. “His imagination and ability to see the bright side of even ordinary situations made the partnership a lot of fun!”

The Influencer Initiative Launch Collection includes 10 toys that range in price from $5.99 at $17.99 for children from 3 to 8 years old. Brody’s pieces include the Hooray for me ABC – Dough activity set for kids; the doughbot – Set of wooden activities to learn to count dough; space rocket launcher – Wooden spelling learning activity set for kids; and the Auto Express Paste – Self-expression dough activity set for kids.

“We make positivity and play a priority because all children deserve to have fun, to be authentically themselves and to share this beautiful perspective with their peers,” says Dani Schaffer, Brody’s mother. “Toys like this don’t exist on the market, and we aim to change that with a playful product that promotes empowerment and self-expression.”

Abby’s pieces include Donut stuck with an ass – “Old Maid” card game for children; stupid sentences – Children learn to make sentences Card game; Let’s Count – Dough Activity Set for Kids; and Abby’s Magical House – Wooden game set.

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to showcase Abby’s love for learning, her sense of adventure and her wonderful imagination in something tangible,” said Andrew Terry, Abby’s father. “Abby’s nearly 4 million followers have been asking for a product line like the one we’ve created with WeVeel. Now all of Abby’s many family-oriented followers will have something we’ve created just for them. “

For every product sold, the Influencer Initiative will donate 10% of profits to a qualified non-profit organization. In coordination with Brody and Abby, the Influencer Initiative selected nonprofits that focus on social issues, including, but not limited to: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; The Hunger Project; and the national institute of dance.

Coming soon from the Influencer Initiative, a robust collection with illustrator and designer Kate McFarlane.

The Influencer Initiative is available November, 1stst2022, at www.theinfluencerinitiative.com

Follow the Influencer Initiative on Instagram at @influencerinitiative.

Find the Influencer initiative on Share-A-Sale, Merchant ID 132323.

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WeVeel™ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of innovative and creative party products, stationery, crafts and toys. WeVeel™ brands include Scentos®, Sugar Rush®, Whackables®, Snough®, and more. At WeVeel, we understand how inspiring creativity in children today translates into innovation tomorrow. To encourage creativity, we’re creating fun new products that let kids explore colors, textures, characters and scents. All of our toys, stationery, novelties and crafts are designed to safely encourage exploration, social expression and build confidence in children of all ages and abilities. Kids, teachers and moms around the world trust WeVeel brand products for their quality and safety. WeVeel™ Toys & Stationery, was ranked the 27th fastest growing US company in Inc. magazine’s 2014 list of Top 500 Companies. (#1 company overall in Pennsylvania) Our unique brands are sold in more than 50,000 retail stores on five continents. All WeVeel products are safety tested and certified non-toxic.

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