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The new from LEGO 3-in-1 Creator 31105 Toy Shop Town Accommodation and its predecessors remind me of an annual recurring mini-module theme for a younger target market. This annual 3-in-1 tradition has always caught my eye in one way or another, simply because it’s a slight callback to its larger cousins, the ever-popular Creator Expert Modulars, like the 10270 library recently. advertised, but without the big buy-in cost. This year we have a 554 room townhouse to explore. Let’s see what awaits us. The set is expected to retail for €49.99 and will be available in January.

The box and the packaging

The set comes with 4 bags, an instruction booklet, two loose plates and no stickers.

The building experience

Construction begins with a perimeter of wall structures and a few LEGO box printed tiles on the shelves.

It’s a nice surprise to see the printed tile, 2 x 3 with Cafe Corner Lego Set Box making its second appearance here. It first appeared in the LEGO 10255 Assembly Square Modular from 2017. The other tile printed with the City Dune Buggy Transporter isn’t quite as rare, but it’s always nice to see it back here.

The ground floor is finished with a decorative red and white canopy, which almost seems like a universally popular color for them. If anyone has a reason or story behind this, we would definitely love to know.

Various tiny advent calendar-style micro-constructions adorn both the exterior and interior of the store. Each of these constructions deserves a legend on its own for its ingenuity. The feeling of admiring how far tiny bricks can take the imagination so far never gets old, and it’s one of the reasons I continue to love building sets like these.

Starting from the top left corner, going clockwise, I identified the constructions as a green train, a toy soldier, a lamppost, a candy machine, a truck, a propeller plane, a bus and a cash register. For any future daring practitioner fan or custom builder, new ideas await with these. My personal favorites are the little soldier and the green train.

The first floor is divided into two sections, of which about a third is dedicated to an outdoor patio.

The color combination and intricate detailing of the window angles is simply lovely. It’s so simple but brings so much from an architectural point of view.

Interior details include a bed with pillows, a lamp and two flower vases.

The level is complete with a side wall for the patio, a plant and a lamp post built into the corner.

The roof features a touch of Victorian design and leaves a third of it intact. A microscopic bird perches on the edge. I guess from its bright red color that a cardinal was the inspiration.

The three sections feature different colors and themes, but work well.

The figurines

Before stacking the building, let’s take a look at the figures. This set includes a LEGO employee and a child. With that, I think we can officially say that by design, the ground floor is indeed a LEGO toy store.

The child has another worried face imprint while the LEGO employee sports a single expression.

With the three stacked sections, the construction comes to life. The finished build reminds me of the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 31050 Corner Deli from 2016. The blue tint and tan/brown color themes and a bird perched on top all look quite familiar. What differs here and gives the building much more character is the entrance, which has a corner construction as opposed to the side entrances of the various other mini-modular constructions.

It’s also pretty obvious that the winning formula of the Creator Expert Modular series is an inspiration for the recipe for this smaller version.

The final side construction is indeed somewhat surprising. Something I didn’t expect in a small build.

The rocket tower has a simple mechanism that has an integrated rocking motion using a manually manipulated gear system. I have to say, it really is the icing on the cake with LEGO builds that keep kids and adult fans loyal. There’s always a hidden surprise and something new to enjoy with every set you build. It also reminded me of the LEGO Ideas 40335 Space Rocket Ride.


This miniature modular is full of surprises with the small micro constructions and the wonderfully designed exteriors and interiors. I wasn’t prepared or expected to enjoy such a simple set, but it finally brought out the best. Now comes the big question: is it worth buying? Personally, I think if you’ve followed the custom creations featured on The Brothers Brick over the years and can’t wait to learn a trick or two for designing your own creation, you’ll have to start somewhere. And as a 3-in-1 set, it also includes instructions to build two other models: a cake shop and a flower shop.

If buildings and architecture are your cup of tea, LEGO Creator sets like these are a great start to your journey. All budding builders have to start somewhere, and these simpler LEGO designs provide the fundamental steps towards building (pun intended) those skills.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Submitting The Brothers Brick products for review does not guarantee coverage or a positive review.

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