New toy store opens in Worcester

A NEW independent toy store is slated to move into Crowngate this weekend.

Toy Town has taken over the vacant unit that once housed Mothercare in Crowngate and has been empty since the company moved in January.

The store is planning a “silent opening” on Saturday.

A Toy Town spokesperson said: “We are really excited to expand with a new store in Worcester. This is a great opportunity to bring something to Worcester that was lost when Mothercare left as we don’t just make toys, we also have a wide range of nursery furniture including strollers and baby chairs. car seats.

“The Worcester team have worked really hard to make sure this weekend’s opening goes well.

“We hired a team of six local people led by our store manager Nicky Clark.

“While it’s great to open, we don’t have an event as such.

It’s a quiet opening because we don’t want to attract too large a crowd and endanger anyone in these unprecedented times.

“But we look forward to welcoming the people of Worcester to our new store and hope they like what we have to offer.”

Rival toy store, Toys and Games of Worcester is just across the street on Broad Street, but its owner says he’s not threatened by a competitor so close.

Owner Tim Evans said: “Worcester is a great place to live and do business. It’s no surprise that stores want to come to our wonderful city.

“Broad Street now has eight empty units, so new stores will move in in time for Christmas. This is obviously the place to be!

“We have a lot of loyal and wonderful customers and we will be here to serve them for a long time.”

The popular family toy store has grown steadily since it began delivering to families in Worcester during the lockdown – a service it continues.

Mr. Evans said: “We are truly touched by all the orders and kind words from our customers.

“We were inundated with orders.

“I am desperately trying to update our website, but please indulge us, we are not an online store and neither do we want to be.

“We value our interactions too much to go in this direction, we are and will remain a traditional toy store, we value your friendship, your custom and your conversation.

“We are staying here for you. ”

Mr Evans said he continued to deliver free to Worcester, Kempsey, Powick, Hallow, Fernhill Heath and Whittington and post articles further afield.

Toy Town was founded in Belfast in 1980 as a small family business, but has since grown into one of the largest independent toy retailers in the UK and Ireland.

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