PETA asks slaughterhouse truck toy maker to make it realistic

Some retailers sell a toy version of a cattle hauler – a vehicle that takes animals to the slaughterhouse – for the holidays. It even comes with ‘movable cart racks’, which are probably perfect for picking up slaughtered animals and transporting them to the slaughterhouse as well. PETA therefore sent a letter to the manufacturer of the toy asking for it to be made more realistic.

In our letter to Gregory J. Kilrea, President and CEO of TOMY International, we wrote the following:

We suggest that you include miniature pigs so that the children can cram them into the truck so tightly that they cannot move or turn around. You can stick a flock of toy chickens inside the truck so the youngsters can see that the animals inside are exposed to the elements and sometimes die frozen to the sides of the trailer. It would be good to include cows, and for a realistic depiction of the cattle used by the beef or dairy industry, the floor of the trailer should be covered with urine mud and manure up to the ankle, which accumulates during their long journey. at the slaughterhouse. And why not market a companion slaughterhouse replica? With such a toy, our children would learn that animals should be hung upside down and slit their throats when they arrive at their destination in this transport truck. …

The meat, dairy and egg industries subject animals to horrific abuse before they are cruelly killed for food. Because the holiday season is all about warmth, joy and kindness, we are intrigued by the production of a children’s toy that represents so much pain and suffering. Since the toy exists, we hope you will increase its educational value by making it as realistic as possible.

“It is totally inappropriate to produce and sell a children’s toy that celebrates the terrifying journeys of billions of animals to the slaughterhouse,” said PETA executive vice president (and mother) Tracy Reiman. “Children have a natural empathy for animals, and if they knew their toy was a replica of a truck used to transport animals until they died, they would throw it right in the trash.”

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