Popular Burton toy store strengthens in first few months into new home

The magic of visiting a toy store has certainly rubbed off on the people of Burton, as they flocked to Midco Toymaster in its first three months based at its new largest store in town.

Midco opened in new, larger premises in The Octagon Mall in April when shoppers lined up to walk through the doors on day one.

For the past three months, it has continued to be busy every day, showing only a small drop in trading when warm weather hit – but even then sales have been good.

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Owner David Middleton said he hasn’t looked back since leaving High Street. Midco opened in Burton 19 years ago with a store in New Street before moving to High Street and now to the mall.

The 40-year-old said: “It’s going very well, it’s great. The decision was very positive and everything was positive.

“Sales have increased dramatically and they have been constantly busy. The warm weather cooled it down a bit, but before that it was really good. The larger store made it easier with social distancing and easier operations. because we don’t have to carry everything upstairs.

“Customers are also very positive about this. The Octagon management team has been very kind to us and very supportive.”

The reversible octopus

When asked what he would say to those worried about going out to stores again during the pandemic, he said: “There is nothing to worry about and it’s better than shopping online. You can’t beat a toy store.There is no such thing as the magic of a toy store.

“The Fidget craze is still popular By The Minute as well as Squishmallows and the Reversible Octopus, basically everything on TikTok drives everything by the minute.

“We’re already starting to stock up for Christmas. There’s going to be a lot of stock, but for the more desirable items and the big ones, it’s best to shop early, I would say.”

Popular toys right now include Squishmallows. Pokemon will be releasing 25th anniversary items later in the year and Brats will also be celebrating their 20th anniversary, both of which are expected to be big sellers.

Mr Middleton said: “I am glad we left High Street. Since we reopened [after lockdown restrictions ended], Burton has been busy and people are outside. The weekends have been very busy and it’s the same in Derby.

Midco Toymaster
Midco Toymaster in Burton celebrates first three months at The Octagon Mall

“Opening week was mental as the kids were still on Easter leave and it has remained fairly consistent. Last weekend was the worst since we moved, but even that was decent.

“I want to thank all of our wonderful customers for their support and we will continue to support Burton for years to come.”

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