Prime Minister highlights success of Honey Mission and hails Indian toy industry in his Mann Ki Baat


Sharing the success stories of honey farmers in his latest Mann ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said how farmers are doing wonders in honey production.

Mr. Modi pointed out that honey has been given a lot of importance in Ayurveda. Honey has been described as an elixir. He said there are so many opportunities in honey production today that even young people pursuing professional studies are finding it a source of self-employment.

In Yamunanagar of Harayana, beekeeper Subhash Kamboj practices beekeeping using about two thousand boxes. Its honey is supplied in many states. Vinod Kumar from Palli village of Jammu completed training in queen bee rearing last year and currently earns Rs 15-20 lakh per year.

Mr. Modi mentioned another Karnataka farmer, Madhukeshwar Hegde, who received a government grant for 50 bee colonies. Today he has over 800 colonies and sells tons of honey.

The Prime Minister gave the example of one such youngster – Nimit Singh from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Nimit, who has a B.Tech, started honey production and set up his own lab in Lucknow for quality checks. Nimit now earns well from honey and beeswax, and also trains farmers. Mr Modi said he was happy that India’s honey exports have also increased. He paid tribute to campaigns such as the National Beekeeping and Honey Mission and the hard work of farmers.

Mr. Modi shared the success stories of the Indian toy industry and paid tribute to young people, startups and entrepreneurs. He said that when it comes to Indian toys, the echo of Vocal for Local is heard everywhere. He said the number of toys coming from overseas to India is steadily decreasing. Previously, toys worth more than three thousand rupees came from outside. Today, their import has decreased by 70%. Mr. Modi said he was delighted that India has exported toys worth more than two thousand six hundred rupees to foreign countries during this Corona period. Previously, only toys worth Rs 300 to 400 crore came out of India. He praised India’s toy industry for proving itself by transforming itself.

Indian manufacturers are now making toys based on Indian mythology, history and culture. He added that toy clusters and small entrepreneurs benefit a lot. Indian toy manufacturers also work closely with leading global toy brands. Mr Modi gave several examples, including a start-up in Bangalore called Shumme Toys which focuses on eco-friendly toys. In Gujarat, Arkidzoo Company manufactures AR-based flash cards and AR-based storybooks. Pune-based company Invention is committed to sparking children’s interest in science, technology and math through learning, toys and activity puzzles.

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