Ringo Starr drops lawsuit against sex toy maker

Ringo Starr (far left) dropped the case. Photo / Getty Images

Beatles legend Ringo Starr has dropped a lawsuit against the makers of a male sex toy.

The iconic sticksman had challenged Pacific Coast Holdings and Momentum Management for filing their love aid as Ring O, arguing that it sounded too much like his nickname and could confuse clients.

The Ring O is part of the Screaming O range, which also includes the Swingo, Big O and Primo, which have sold millions worldwide.

The lawsuit was launched in 2019, with its legal team saying, “Consumers will likely believe the Opposer’s [Starr’s] the newest company is sex toys – and that’s an association Opposer doesn’t want. “

They argued that a connection to the devices would damage its “name, likeness and brand,” but have now settled the case.

Starr already has several brands associated with its name.  Photo / AP
Starr already has several brands associated with its name. Photo / AP

Starr’s team argued that he had been using the name since 1962 and already had seven associated brands.

Pacific Coast Holdings first fought the claim and accused Starr of being a “brand squatter” and argued that his target audience would be “not the generation to connect the article” to the rock icon. .

The deal means that the name Ring O can only be used for adult sex toys and desensitizing sprays – and there must always be a space between the Ring and the O.

The company has also agreed not to “degrade, tarnish or belittle or denigrate” Starr’s name or image, nor to make any innuendo to link the products directly to him.

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