Sex toy maker dumps vibrators to make vital NHS supplies for key workers

A sexy toy maker has pressed the stop button on its vibrator production and is now embarking on creating essential NHS equipment.

CMG Leisure has stopped production of its vibrators in order to produce “ear savers” for key workers.

The company typically produces over 1,500 “rings” per week, which are then sold on websites such as Ann Summers and Lovehoney.

But the coronavirus crisis has prompted company bosses to do something different and help – soon realizing their 3D printers could make items for key workers.

Coronavirus crisis prompted company bosses to do something different and help

“Ear savers” have loops of plastic products on the back of the head that relieve pressure on the ears – caused by wearing face masks for long periods of time.

CMG Leisure, based in Callington, Cornwall, has produced 100 models a day so far – and it’s not over yet.

Co-founder Andrew Crichton said: “It was co-owner Bryan Crichton who saw the need on social media for hearing protection.

“After a short chat we decided it would be fantastic if we could use our expertise and equipment to offer something to wonderful people in the NHS and in the care sector.

“He printed many versions of the earmuffs on our 3D printer which is normally used to produce fully working prototypes of the next best sex toy.

“With the help of the chief surgeon at Derriford Hospital, he finally found the perfect shape.

“Since then we’ve been printing around 100 a day and donating them to NHS hospitals and caregivers across the country. “

This includes the neonatal and accident and emergency intensive care units at the nearest Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, Devon.

CMG Loisirs was founded in 2013.

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