Sex toy maker We-Vibe settles US class action lawsuit for nearly $ 4 million

“The data has only been used in aggregate and unidentifiable forms,” he told Fairfax Media.

The lawsuit against the manufacturer alleged that it “intercepted and monitored electronic communications between a user’s smartphone and the device, then collected and transmitted that data to servers in Canada” (where the company is based).

Court documents indicate that the settlement agreement “achieves the dual purpose of the lawsuit by providing both substantial monetary compensation and termination. [Standard Innovation’s] allegedly invasive information-gathering practices.

As part of the settlement, Standard Innovation was to establish two categories of settlement: an “app category” for those who used the app and a “buyer category” for those who only bought and used the device.

According to court documents, around 300,000 people purchased WeVibe Bluetooth-enabled products, while around a third of them also used the app.

The settlement allows anyone who purchased the vibrator to claim up to CAD $ 199, while anyone who actually connected the device to the app could receive up to CAD $ 10,000.

However, buyers of the device are expected to receive around $ 40, while others who have also used the app will receive around $ 500.

Mr Alexander said the company was happy to have reached a fair and reasonable settlement.

“At Standard Innovation, we take the privacy and security of customer data seriously. In September of this year, we responded quickly to concerns about privacy and application security, ”he said.

“We have improved our privacy notice, increased application security, offered customers more choice in the data they share, and we continue to work with leading privacy and security experts to improve the application. . “

Mr Alexander confirmed that while the regulation only applied to customers in the United States, the company had made privacy and security updates globally.

“Prior to September 2016, app users in all territories had the option to create an account with their email address. This option has since been removed from the app.”

Standard Innovation has agreed to delete all email addresses provided during registration, time and date of use on any device, vibration intensity levels and patterns, device temperatures and battery life.

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