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As any kid will tell you, toy stores are awesome. And Shananigans Toy Shop is one of the best.

The boutique, a staple of Parc Roland for years, is cozy and welcoming, with a selection of toys that are sure to surprise and delight. Around every corner, toys and games await, promising hours of fun and creative play.

“I like to think we’re different, not a traditional toy store,” says owner David Stelzer. “We carry normal things – blocks, art supplies, games and Barbies – but we also carry things like older games and ‘weird’ household items.”

The store is full of nooks and crannies and is creatively laid out to give the impression that a surprise awaits around every corner. One shelf can hold a collection of brightly colored stuffed animals; opposite, unusual board games await their ideal owners.

Stelzer prides himself and the staff at Shananigans on their ability to find the perfect gift for everyone, from a new baby to a hard-to-buy nephew. It’s fun, he said.

“Helping people find things is my favorite thing,” he says. “I try to help clients find exactly what they’re looking for and then close it.”

Stelzer’s enthusiasm for toys and their perfect homes is contagious – it makes shopping for a friend, your child or even yourself a lot of fun. When birthday party season arrives and you’re shopping for each of your child’s friends, a little levity is more than welcome. One visit to Shananigans and you’ll never buy a gift card from anyone again.

But even if you’re not shopping for a gift, a trip to Shananigans is a fun way to spend quality family time. The unusual selection wows kids and parents alike… and being surrounded by so many great toys feels good.

“It’s like running a candy store or an ice cream shop,” says Stelzer. “He just has that vibe.”

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