Stern warning from toy maker Lincoln ahead of Christmas

The owner of a toy maker Lincoln has warned that some toys will not be available this Christmas as the shortage of truck drivers continues.

Paul Schaffer, managing director of Plum Play, said low availability of shipping containers, a shortage of truck drivers and an increase in demand had all contributed to the delay of toy toys reaching the Lincoln toy company. .

The family-owned business, which makes outdoor play equipment, has experienced delays in getting inventory to its warehouse and expects some to arrive as late as the New Year.

Mr Schaffer told Lincolnshire Live about the problems his business has been facing.

“It takes a long time for stocks to arrive,” he said. “Delivery times are extended by 25 days, depending on where it comes from such as the Far East.

“Two weeks ago we were told we were getting two shipping containers, but now it will take until the end of November.

“There is no guarantee of when we will have stocks. We don’t have as many things as we would like and some will not arrive until after the New Years.”

Mr Schaffer gave a simple piece of advice to worried parents as the countdown to the big day begins.

“If you want a must-have toy, the only way to guarantee you get it is to buy it when you see it,” he said.

Mr Schaffer didn’t reduce these problems to one thing, but rather to a number of factors causing the delays that could mean some children will miss the toy they want most.

“I have never seen such shipping delays,” he said.

“Everything takes longer. There is a problem with the availability of containers. There is a shortage of truck drivers so it takes longer once the items are in the ports.

“The Covid is certainly linked to these issues, but there has also been a surge in demand. The shortage of truck drivers certainly appears to be due to Brexit.”

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