The Cipher Room: Mr. Pepper’s Toy Store

The incredibly exciting new game from the team at Cipher Room has raised the bar for local escape room challenges. It’s the first room in the new premises of Cipher Room, a warehouse in St Peters down the road from their three-game location in Newtown, and the concept is a former toy store whose owner has disappeared. Yes, you guessed it: there are scary dolls and clowns galore.

Pediophobes can stay away, but they’ll miss a hell of an experience. Game designer Marise Watson has collected vintage dolls and toys for years and used them in inventive and macabre ways. Props include beloved childhood books, cars, trains, toy soldiers and teddy bears, all seemingly quaint at first but gradually taking on a more sinister dimension. The scenario escalates in intensity as players progress through the puzzles, culminating in a demonic event that is an extraordinary twist.

The host warns us not to think too much, but of course we try to figure out the code words and combinations to open the locks and reveal more keys and clues. The room suddenly being plunged into darkness so that everything changes when the lights come back on gives us the chills, as do the toys that somehow move – not to mention the creepy, whispering soundtrack.

Results: Success!

Puzzle creativity:
Best quote: “I’m not putting my hand in it!”
Our advice: What’s behind the window?

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