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A toy store in Donegal Town has proven it has the “bottle” to make an elderly lady’s dream come true.

Frances Brady was recently heartbroken when a 70-year-old toy doll she owns was in an accident.

The doll is the pride and joy of Frances and she takes great pleasure in feeding the doll with a bottle.

Sadly, the doll’s bottle was recently destroyed after being accidentally melted on a stove.

His family searched all over Scotland where they live for a replacement bottle, but couldn’t find a suitable one!

Frances, who lives in Glasgow, recalled buying the bottle from a small toy store in Ireland over 25 years ago.

Frances had taken a bus tour of Donegal and in addition to buying the doll’s bottle, she picked up a paper flyer from Proper Price Toymaster.

She managed to find the flyer and decided the only thing left to do was drive to Donegal with her family to find a replacement bottle.

Deirdre Charles, who has run the Proper Price Toymaster store with her husband Ray for 36 years, said they were flabbergasted when they heard Frances’ request.

She said, “I knew we had plenty of dolls bottles, but I wasn’t sure I had the right one.

“It was amazing how Frances and her family traveled from Scotland just to get a replacement bottle. Talk about the pressure.

“In the end, we were so excited to be able to help Frances and find the right size for her.”

Deirdre revealed how Frances even made a little jig of joy when the bottle fitted to the doll’s mouth.

She even joked that the doll hadn’t been fed for four months!

“It was a very special moment and we were so glad we were able to help. It was one of our most unusual requests.

“Having a toy store for us is more than a business, it’s our life and our son Enda therefore works in the store with us.

“These are special moments that are worth it,” added Deirdre.

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