The sex toy industry needs to take racism into account.

Kandi Burrus seemed to be agitated. She has already won a Grammy Award, scored a platinum album and was also the main character of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, regardless of his accomplishments in 2011, hardly anyone wanted to be the star face of a specific advertising campaign.

There were only a limited number of black women chosen to represent the brands, and there were only three black women who were consistently used for the brands. Kandi went on to say, “One day, I just said to my team,I do not care. I’m even tired of asking how to be the face of someone else’s brand. I will build my mark”.

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So the beautiful actress began Kandi room, a line of sex toys, which has become a home party plan organization. She aimed to help sex as a conversation that can be more comfortable for black women. Kandi Burruss was the first among famous black women who seemed to be unabashedly open to talking about relationships and sex to sell the product.

Kandi room

Burruss faces the hurdles of being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, as well as being a black business owner in the white-ruled world. Although statistics regarding the racial makeup of sex toy companies, and their executives and customers are still unavailable, it has been confirmed by an insider that most major sex toy companies were founded by white people. Additionally, according to a recent study, home sex toy party attendees found less than 4% black attendees.

Beautiful Kandi Burruss

Although women tried to change the sex toys industry for several years, the recent resurgence movement Black Lives Matter is seen as having more black managers finally starting to wake up to racism within their companies. Nenna Carpenter, founder of a sex toy company also admitted to ensuring that sex toy stores remained open during Black Lives Matter protests in Oakland, which also provided bandages and goggles to people protesting in Oakland. the BML!

Every woman is beautiful, every woman is special, regardless of skin color, age and shape! Good life !

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