Toy makers welcome PM’s “vocal for local” push; look for time to meet BIS, Retail News, ET Retail standards

NEW DELHI: Domestic toy makers on Tuesday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to make the country a hub for toy manufacturing, but asked for more time to meet certification standards.

Although the industry faces economic challenges, the All India Toys Federation (AITF) – which represents toy retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers – said it would overcome the challenges to meet the target.

“We are happy and encouraged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking on the toy industry. Prime Minister Modi said India should become the global toy manufacturing hub, but it would take a little longer to achieve this, “AITF Vice-President Abdullah Sharif said in a statement. declaration.

India’s toy industry is currently grappling with a large-scale drop in demand and issues related to economic uncertainties amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the association said.

He also asked toy companies for more time to obtain a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

“We also hope the government will give us more time to get BIS certification, a requirement starting today, September 1. For that, we need an additional 18-24 months to make sure all micro, small and medium toys companies can meet this challenge, ”added Sharif.

According to the association, from September 1, all toy manufacturers and importers need a license from BIS. He said that many small and medium-sized units, facing a financial crisis, would not be able to adhere to these standards immediately.

“We are concerned that such measures may hamper Prime Minister Modi’s vision, causing smaller units to shut down. We would only be left with large multinationals, which will sell expensive brand name toys in their chain stores,” said Sharif.

“Very few domestic toy manufacturers and almost none of the foreign toy manufacturers have been able to apply for the required BIS certification, due to several clauses. The standards include quality requirements, responsibility for setting up laboratories for test and the length of the process, “the release said.

The federation also suggested that BIS-accredited labs could test toys, instead of the industry being forced to set up their own testing labs.

“We also need an overhaul in terms of investment in tooling, molds and new talent in toy design and development,” he said.

The current process to get BIS certification takes a long time, manufacturers have to wait 120 days. For foreign manufacturers, it goes up to 180 days, he added.

The current pandemic has also impacted the toy industry due to restrictions on the movement of workers, resources and finished products, he said.

Earlier this week, in his monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ address, Prime Minister Modi called on startups and entrepreneurs to ‘team up for toys’, as he noted India’s tiny share of the market. toy world over 7 lakh crore.

It is time for startups to become “the voice of local toys,” he said.

“Our country has so many ideas, so many concepts; our history has been very rich. Can we make games based on that? I appeal to the young talents of the country – to make games in India and to make games based on that? India too. They say the game is on! So let’s start the game, “he said.

The Prime Minister also recently chaired a meeting aimed at increasing India’s share in the global toy trade, in which China is one of the main players.

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