Toy store loses nearly £ 3,000 in merchandise after fraudulent sale

The owners of a toy store in Oxfordshire are warning other businesses to be on their guard after cloned debit cards were used to purchase nearly £ 3,000 of merchandise.

The incident happened at Toy Planet in Wantage last week.

Police are currently investigating, but the store fears it won’t be able to claim the money because a signature was taken instead of a chip and pin.

The toy planet in Wantage Credit: ITV meridian

Last Tuesday, two men walked into the shop and purchased a variety of items, including vintage collectibles, switch consoles and Lego sets, worth a total of £ 2,900.

Steve Taylor, chief executive of Toy Planet, said he received a phone call 30 minutes later from one of the cardholders telling him that two card payments had been made through the store and that he was not actually there to physically make the sale.

Steve says they now understand it was a cloned card.

CCTV of the men has been passed to the police, who are investigating

CCTV of the men who made the purchase has now been passed to investigating police.

Tom Popple, CFO of Toy Planet, explains that it’s not uncommon for the company to take signatures because that’s still the norm with certain types of cards and foreign banks.

He says: “Guess we didn’t realize, I guess because it was an English bank it should have been chip and pin, as the card machine asked for a signature. We took the signatures, checked them and everything matched. ”

As a result of the fraud, Toy Planet had to introduce an in-store sale to increase its revenue.

The owners hope that by sharing their story, other businesses will be more careful when processing credit card payments.

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