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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you’ve been shopping lately, you may have noticed empty shelves. And if you’ve ordered furniture online, you might find that it takes months to get delivered to your home.

This is because the products are stuck in shipping containers off the coast of California, thanks to a blockage in the supply chain.

Action News Jax walked into a local toy store to see how owners are dealing with shortages.

Theresa Duncan and her father opened Villa Villekulla Toys in Fernandina Beach almost seven years ago.

“We thought how wonderful it would be if our city had a toy store,” she said. “We really wanted the kids in the community to have access to good toys. “

The toy store has had its ups and downs, but Duncan says this current blockage in the supply chain is unlike anything she’s seen before. It usually takes Duncan two weeks to get a toy from the manufacturer into his store. But the things she ordered in June are only showing up in October.

Duncan says there are currently around 6,100 toys in his store and 5,500 are out of stock.

Some items are even missing.

“We ordered a princess and a pirate together, and the pirate is literally lost at sea right now,” Duncan said with a laugh.

She isn’t too worried about the heist. Duncan and his father prepared ahead of time and packed extra toys in anticipation of the Christmas shopping rush. She suggests shopping in person as things online may not be available in time for Christmas.

“This year it will be more important that you get quality toys for your children and because things may not be available it could be an opportunity to do less, it’s more a kind of Christmas where you get really good stuff instead of lots of stuff, ”Duncan said.

Ultimately, Duncan’s goal is to bring joy to local children no matter what.

You can read more about the supply chain shortage here and what the Florida Ports Council wants to do to address the issue.

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