Toymaker Miniland to Donate Product from Popular Down Syndrome Doll to DS Charity Ruby’s Rainbow

MIAMI, October 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Miniland, makers of educational toys and classroom games focused on social and emotional learning, partnered with in-store retailer Little wonder & Cie. to donate a percentage of the income generated by their exclusivity “Ruby doll with Down syndrome “to Ruby rainbow, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping mature students with Down syndrome achieve their goals of higher education and independence.

The organization was inspired by a baby girl named Ruby who was born with an unexpected 21st chromosome and grants scholarships to students with Down’s syndrome who wish to pursue post-secondary education, including enrichment or vocational training. These scholarships help them achieve their dreams while also making their many abilities known.

In 2020, Miniland launched their collection of extremely popular Down’s syndrome dolls, made up of various ethnicities and genders, to respectfully represent children with the disease. The dolls have since been awarded the 2020 Best Toy Award by the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers and the 2021 Gold Winner for Empowerment (the top prize) by the Play for Change Awards organized by the Toy Industries of Europe.

Ruby received one of Miniland’s Down Syndrome dolls from Little Wonder & Co., which had a profound impact on her and her family. After hearing about Ruby’s story and initiative, the team at Little Wonder & Co. partnered with Miniland to design an exclusive doll with DS in collaboration with Ruby’s Rainbow to raise awareness of the organization about nonprofit and named the doll after Ruby.

The limited edition doll is now sold exclusively at Little wonder & Cie., a natural and sustainable baby store that offers inclusive and diverse products personally selected by moms for parents.

“Nothing compares to the joy and wonder on a child’s face when he recognizes himself in his doll,” said Clara Roque, US Sales Director for Miniland United States. “Miniland’s sole mission has always been to inspire kindness and acceptance, regardless of a person’s condition, race, gender or origin. To be able to offer the opportunity to ‘helping other students like Ruby access the many opportunities they deserve is something our company is extremely proud of. ”

Customers who buy the Miniland Ruby Doll with Down’s syndrome at Little Wonder & Co. will donate 10% of sales generated. Miniland will then match the amount of the donation that Little Wonder & Co. is raising.

“Ever since we saw Ruby with her Miniland doll, we knew the joy and self-acceptance she felt was something every child with DS should feel,” said Liz plachta, who, in addition to being the proud mom of Ruby, is also the co-founder and executive director of Ruby’s Rainbow. “It is extremely important for us to support businesses that see the importance of embracing the Down syndrome community, which Miniland and Little Wonder & Co. have done.”

The Miniland Ruby Doll with Down’s syndrome is a 15 “strawberry blonde hair doll that displays the sweet facial features of babies with Down’s syndrome in a realistic and respectful manner.

For more information on Ruby’s Rainbow, visit To help support the initiative with your own Ruby doll, please visit and / usa / miniland-dolls-usa.

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