TPE for the pet toy market

A new series of TPE designed for the pet toy market is the latest addition to Teknor Apex’s Monprene TPE product line. The Monprene CP-16500 series of TPEs are said to be a durable and durable alternative to thermosetting rubber for dog toys, with a wide performance range – a hardness range of 25 to 65 Shore A and aesthetic characteristics.

This series includes clear, translucent and opaque grades with low, medium and high gloss. All grades have been shown to exhibit excellent colorability and are easily moldable. This extensive portfolio includes general-purpose and specialty grades that provide enhanced durability with superior puncture and tear resistance, ideal for demanding dog chew toy applications.

To help compare the durability of different materials, Teknor Apex designed a “bite resistance” lab test to simulate the forceful action of a dog biting a toy. Based on the ASTM F1306 test method for flexible films, the Teknor Apex bite resistance test measures puncture resistance, or the force required to penetrate an injection molded sample. Each material is assigned a “Puncture Rating” based on this strength and uses a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest strength. As noted below, Monprene specialty grades exhibit significantly high bite resistance.

Teknor Apex's new Monprene TPE series for pet toys

While general purpose grades offer an excellent balance between cost and performance, specialty grades offer superior puncture, tear and tear propagation resistance. All materials in this series would mold easily, with excellent flow characteristics. In the event that a manufacturer of pet products has unique requirements, Teknor Apex will work with them to customize a Monprene TPE solution.

Monprene CP-16500 Series is formulated with only FDA listed ingredients and is not formulated to contain PVC, BPA, latex, phthalates or metals, or any REACH SVHC or Prop 65 listed substances. Qualities are also classified and suitable for use in children’s toys according to the following regulatory standards: Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), European Product Safety Standard EN 71 and ASTM International’s Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (F963).

Monprene is also recyclable, providing a sustainable alternative to thermosetting rubber dog toys. Waste collected at any stage of the manufacturing process can be fed back into the process or used in the production of new parts. Additionally, used chew toys can be salvaged, shredded, and recycled into new ones.

The Monprene CP-16500 “Made in USA” series is manufactured in multiple ISO-9001 certified facilities in the United States, but is also manufactured in Singapore and Germany to serve local markets, all with formulation control and traceability strict.


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