West Lothian mum influencer has a hysterical fit outside Smyths Toy Shop

A West Lothian mum and social media influencer has expressed her frustration with current prices for children’s toys in a humorous video she shared from her car on TikTok.

User, @roma_0490, was shopping at Smyths Toy Store for a fifth birthday present for his niece.

But she was stunned when she was stung to have to pay £100 for three toys, including a toy plane and two dolls.

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The hugely popular LOL dolls were recommended to the doting aunt, but she was surprised when she found out the price and size of the toys.

She went on to say that the new generation doesn’t know how much we all struggled when we were younger with “give me dolls with hair all over the place”, as she longed for when a Barbie doll only cost £8.

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During her TikTok rant, she said, “Just been to Smyths the toy store because it’s my niece’s birthday and she’s going to five on Thursday, all exciting stuff.

“So I went to Smyths to buy him a birthday present.

“I was told to buy her some LOL dolls as they are the ones for a five year old so I thought I would get this fab.”

She stopped dramatically before adding, “I just spent over £100 and I have three things, three things! And these are small things. Over £100 on three LOL dolls.

“It used to be £8 for a Barbie when we were little, now it’s £28 for toddlers.

“The weaned don’t know how much we struggled when we were little with dolls, with hair hanging all over the place. No idea.

The video has had over 70,000 views to date.

The TikToker regularly posts videos that she created from her car and can sometimes attract millions of views for some of her videos.

A number of topics relate to real-life issues facing parents, but a number can also relate to issues such as fuel prices or buying a home.

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