Wooden toy maker moves production to Monroe

MONROE – A toy manufacturing company known for its wooden kitchen sets and child-friendly dollhouses will be relocating to Monroe.

Milton and Goose, which has contracted with a Pennsylvania-based manufacturing company, will move production to more than 9,000 square feet of space from the 21,000 square foot multi-tenant building at 580 Pepper St.

The company, which sells its toys online and in-store, will occupy the high-rise warehouse section of the structure in a space once used, in part, as a wholesale beauty salon warehouse.

“We are excited to move our operations to Connecticut and are particularly grateful to the City of Monroe for helping us establish this facility,” said Shari Raymond, President of Milton and Goose. “We look forward to creating heirloom quality jobs and toys. to the region.

According to real estate agent Bruce Wettenstein, partner of Vidal / Wettenstein, the company intends to set up a production line to make the wooden toys.

The town of Monroe initially zoned the part of the building as a warehouse, Wettenstein said, but issued a waiver to allow manufacturing.

“The fact that new jobs will be coming from out of state helped the process,” says Wettenstein, who negotiated the lease, the terms of which were not disclosed.

Milton and Goose was founded in 2017, according to the company’s website, to “provide children and their parents with non-toxic, heirloom-quality toys for the last generations.”

The site states that Raymond “was looking for a play kitchen for her kids and couldn’t find anything that met three reasonable requirements: made in the USA, high-quality wood, and a chic, modern design, so she decided to create your own. “

She went on to found the company and partnered with small workshops across the United States to produce children’s toys and furniture, most of which is handcrafted.

“We pride ourselves on working with artisans and supporting small businesses throughout our supply chain,” Raymond says on the website.

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